Getting to the meat of the matter

an event by 3beards

The next Chew The Fat event is on its way.
Details coming soon!

'Chew The Fat' is a monthly series of conversations with high profile entrepreneurs, founders, VC's and generally epic people, designed to stimulate, motivate and inspire!

Adding to our existing roster of tech events (Silicon Drinkabout, Don't Pitch Me Bro, and Digital Sizzle), we'd like to welcome you all to 3beards' fourth event, 'Chew The Fat' - crafted to feed your brain and to get to the meat of the matter...

Each event will have 2 interviewers stepping into the hot seat:

  • The first, making his triumphant return to 3beards - former Deputy CEO of Tech City, and (more importantly) co-founder & now advisor to 3beards, Ben Southworth.
  • The second is you! We'll have a portion of the evening dedicated to Q&A with the audience, so you can get those burning questions off your chest!

We're bringing you face-to-face with the people that inspire, invest and drive all of us on to bigger and better things - and we expect you to be ready with questions of your own!

Here at 3beards, we know there's nothing like experiencing something first-hand - so we thought we'd bring you someone new and exciting each month, to open up the stories behind the people behind the headlines we all read daily.

Of course there'll be the customary 3beards hospitality with complimentary drinks included.

Come along, be inspired, be inquisitive, and most importantly Chew The Fat.



3beards is a content, promotion and events company. Sounds a bit dull and corporate, but there it is. We felt that 'Community Firestarter-enablers' sounded a bit overblown. We run the weekly Silicon Drinkabout in London, which has this year expanded to Copenhagen, Manchester and also Amsterdam. In addition to this we also run a monthly event called Don't Pitch Me Bro, all about startups demoing their products in order for the crowd to give constructive feedback. Lastly we run a larger quarterly event called Digital Sizzle, which takes a different form each time...